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From the Editors

From Uganda to Nigeria, Kenya to Cameroon, Ghana to South Africa and beyond, our own personal stories and home countries as an editorial team mirror the geographical breadth of the entrepreneurial stories we seek to uncover in the Yale Africa Startup Review. 

From health tech to logistics, fintech to e-commerce, cleantech to agri-food and more, our professional journeys echo the vertical diversity of the startup/founder stories we aspire to share with  the world through the YASR30 list. 

From bootstrapped to seed-stage startups, growth stage firms to big global publicly-listed enterprises, the companies we work for span the innovation spectrum and are scattered across the world.

This inspires our resolve to dig deeper at the grassroots and find companies across the earliest investment stages and share their stories.

We thrilled to bring you the 2023 Yale Africa Startup Review YASR30 list - a flagship list showcasing the dynamism and entrepreneurial drive of the African continent. We hope this inspires you to dig deeper into the ecosystem and to invest in more African entrepreneurs through capital, networks talent and sometimes just telling a friend.  

Happy reviewing!

Editorial team

2024 Editors

2023 Editors

2023 Editors

Alumni Editors

Special thanks to prior editorial team members:

Caroline van der Merwe (Editor 2021, 2022/ Co-founder)

Kwame Amoako Editor 2021, 2022/ Co-founder)

Lukas Bosch (Editor 2021, 2022/ Co-founder)

Archit Bagaria (Editor, 2022)

Adetola Olamide (Editor, 2022)

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