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Millions in Financing & Prestigious Awards: A Look Back At YASR30 2021.

Nominate your favorite African founders here for the opportunity to be selected for the second edition of #YASR30. Nominations close November 15 @ 11:59PM EST.

A little over seven months ago, The Yale Africa Startup Review (‘YASR’), published the inaugural #YASR30 list honoring 30 startups, 30 stories, 15 countries, and 60 founders ushering in a new wave of innovation on the Continent. These entrepreneurs are building the future of Africa and have continued to do so since.

Some highlights from featured founders and startups:

Gearing up for the second edition of #YASR30, we look forward to new additions, partnerships, judges, and team members AND bringing back some familiar names and faces.

A sneak peek into the new, the editorial team grew by 5 welcoming Archit Baagria (SOM’22), Daniel Mainye (SOM’22), Adetola Olamide (SOM’22), Khalid Oluyadi (SOM’22), and Christopher Wayland (SOM’23). Each of whom have varied experiences, expertise and represent the global perspective that YASR prides itself on offering. Most importantly, all of whom believe in the YASR mission: to share stories of ingenuity and innovation in order to attract interested stakeholders to the African startup ecosystem. The team still includes founding editors, Lina Kacyem, Samuel Kitara, Caroline van der Merwe, Lukas Bosch, Sharon Mwale and Kwame Amoake.

Check out our LinkedIn to learn more about the new editors. Stay tuned for more on #YASR30 round 2 releasing in 2022!

Press contacts:

Sharon Mwale, Co-Founder, and Editor,

About The Yale Africa Startup Review

The Yale Africa Startup Review is an annual student & alumni-led publication at the Yale School of Management. Its flagship product, #YASR30, is a digital review of 30 startups redefining African business through entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. Click here to nominate:

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