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Yale Africa
Startup Review

The Yale Africa Startup Review is a student and alumni-led initiative featuring founders and startups shaping the future of Africa with entrepreneurship. Our mission is to share stories of ingenuity and innovation to attract interested stakeholders to the African startup ecosystem.

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Our Approach

Our grassroots-driven nominations strategy enables us to source startups across multiple verticals beyond just fintech & logistics.

We find hidden gems at the earliest stages of growth, from bootstrapped to seed stage and tell stories that span the investment spectrum. We search beyond the leading African hubs to find startups from all 54 African countries to achieve wholesome geographical breadth.


Startups are featured based on their innovativeness, product-market fit, scalability, attractiveness to investors & Africa-centricity 

Africa Startup Ecosystem Lab

Students from leading universities across world have the unique opportunity to work directly with founding teams of Africa's most innovative startups on co-ideation and real-world problem solving in a 6-week virtual lab

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