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In the News: Pulse Ghana

In just one year of operating, Ingressive for Good, a tech nonprofit in Africa, has organically trained 66,570 African youths in tech, grown their community to over 81,590 members, awarded over $42,600 in scholarships, and built a 15000+ student community (I4G circles).

They have also deployed over $5,000 worth of tech tools and data. They have partnered with Facebook, Coursera, Yale African Startup Review, Jobberman, DataCamp, and a host of global companies.

In line with I4G’s mission to increase the earning power of one million African youths by empowering them with tech skills and placing them in jobs, I4G has opened up its student ambassador program called I4G Circles beyond Nigeria and officially launched in Ghana. Join now -

"The I4G Circle is an exclusive community of young, smart, confident, and influential students in universities across Africa passionate about tech and leveraging it to solve problems. Ingressive for Good is looking to leverage the I4G circle program to connect more students to technical training, microscholarships, and tech jobs. We are excited to bring these and more to Ghana." Haneefah Abdurrahman-Lekki, the Programs Coordinator at I4G, said.

This expansion is timely because when it comes to the evolution of the tech community in Africa, the top countries on the list are Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. Ghana is emerging as one of the most robust and developed tech ecosystems on the continent, and I4G will add to the strength of Ghana’s growth by providing free access to resources, scholarships, technical training, and information.

Blessing Abeng, the Director of Communications at Ingressive for Good said: "While many Ghanaians have benefited from I4G’s scholarships and opportunities in the last one year, the nonprofit is looking to recruit Student Ambassadors in Ghana to grow tech communities within their schools and add value to their fellow students.

"We've experienced diverse success stories within our circle. They have founded companies, accessed opportunities and programs that have prepared them to build a sustainable fintech bureau-the-change business. Some ambassadors have accessed jobs, scholarships, soft skills, and so much more. We are proud of them."

These ambassadors will be trained to be able to observe the skills gap and, with the resources provided by I4G, upskill their community members. This will help drive more tech opportunities for Ghanaian students, document and showcase the skills and expertise within the tech ecosystem in Ghana.

To the question, What will an ambassador benefit? Sean Burrowes, the Cofounder of I4G replied, "Ambassadors get first-hand access to resources, scholarships and opportunities, PR and speaking opportunities, certifications, and experience to highlight in their resume or portfolio. They also access personal growth opportunities relevant to their careers, and more importantly, they get to build and lead a tech community on their campuses, impact lives and meet amazing thought leaders in the tech ecosystem."

You too could become part of it and benefit from all the resources and valuable information you may need to build a career in tech. As an ambassador, you would be required to host insightful conversations, monthly webinars, and various other opportunities for growth. The opportunity is currently open to students enrolled in tertiary institutions.

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