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Ibi Cookey


Online Retail / E-commerce






Fitted is an online eCommerce platform that helps users manage the custom clothing experience. Fitted offers seamless, critical solutions to the pain points of all users in the value chain namely tailors, fashion buyers and fabric sellers.

Customers can auto generate measurements and coordinate custom clothing orders for individuals and groups from vetted tailors, allowing them guaranteed clothing on time to perfect fit from anywhere on earth.

Tailors and fashion brands use fitted software to manage their businesses like a CRM, allowing them to store measurements, customers info etc. This improves their business management, reduces clothing errors and helps scale their businesses. Fitted offers such free tools for any tailor to manage their business and offers vetting to interested tailors to upgrade to manage fulfillment for customers on the platform and increase their net margins by up to 3x.


    1. Raise $3m to support all the below goals
    2. Offer fitted group orders to 1,000 events
    3. Reach $5m in GMV ARR (driven primarily from number of tailors transacting on platform)
    4. Reach $100k/ month in revenues (~ annualised $1.2m/yr)
    Operational in UK and US (New York)
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