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Klacify Limited


Odum Ikechukwu,
Joseph Blessing,
Glory Lawrence


Edtech / Education




Self-Funded / Bootstrapping


Klacify is an app designed to help school owners monitor their schools from their phone.

When teachers come to school, they are required to use the Klacify App to scan the QR code pasted on the walls of each classroom. When the teachers are done with the lesson for the day, they also scan the qrcode before leaving the classroom.

By scanning the qrcode, we are able to:
1. Collect data on the time a class starts
2. Capture a voice recording of the lesson taught by the teacher.
3. Capture the duration of the class

With this information, we then provide valuable report to the principal or proprietor, such as:
1. Attendance of teachers
2. Live class updates - which classes are currently active and which are idle
3. An audio transcript of the lesson taught by the teachers. This can be used to rate a teachers' performance.
4. The number of classes a particular teacher has missed for the month.
5. A general health report of the school
6. Late comers.
7. Detect inefficient teachers and recommend new hire.

Benefits to the school
1. We ease the school management process, enabling proprietors and principals focus on other areas of the school, such as signing up more students.
2. The product is cost-effective compared to CCTV cameras
3. Teachers are now self-managed
4. A proprietor is able to manage his school from his phone.
5. Automatic reminders to teachers 10mins to each class.
6. Reduce the workload of a principal by over 50%

Our goal is to make this system available to all schools in Africa.


    1. Raise $500,000 investment capital
    2. Expand operations from Nigeria to other countries in West Africa
    3. $10 million in revenue
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